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"Best in Class" Wave Soldering Machines with the Lowest Running Costs

The POWERFLOW series of wave soldering machines were specifically designed to meet the challenges of lead free soldering! The machines highlight a 400 mm or 16" board width transport, plug and play pre-heat design (Medium IR, Convection, Short IR and now with new topside Convection) and 1.8 meters of preheat as standard. Additional pre-heating of up to 2.4 meters can be added if needed. A new nozzle configuration has been re-designed for reduced solder defects when running lead free.


The POWERFLOW N2 is a full nitrogen tunnel wave solder machine specifically designed to meet the challenges of lead free. As ERSA's flagship machine, the POWERFLOW N2 can reduce lead free wave solder running costs by as much as 90 %!


Compact Full Tunnel Wave Soldering System for Cost-Optimized Processes in Nitrogen Atmosphere

The brand new ERSA POWERFLOW e N2 significantly reduces solder consumption as well as the unit cost attributable to the process.

ETS 330

The ERSA ETS 330 is a compact, in-line capable dual wave soldering system with frame conveyor, variable preheats and touch screen control with 99 solder programs

ETS 250

ERSA ETS 250 is the smallest wave soldering machines specifically designed for small and medium sized production lots of non-complex mixed technology assemblies.

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