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ERSA offers a complete range of accessories & materials for the PCB manufacturing industry. ERSA bar solder, like solder wire, is recovered from initial melt solder. It is primarily used for filling solder baths. For easier melting, it can be supplied as required in 50 mm sections. In combination with special high power soldering irons and with suitable flux, bar solder is also used for soldering cable lugs of larger cross-sections and in sheet metal work.


ERSA solder wire consists exclusively of high-quality raw materials. Manufactured on state-of-the-art machines, the wire meets all quality requirements. It is manufactured in different dimensions and with different alloys, to meet all practical requirements. Different types of "flux cores" allow individual adaptation to all soldering needs, especially in electronics and the electronics industry.


ERSA desoldering wicks are saturated with halogenfree No-Clean flux. They are suitable for protectively removing excess solder and old solder, especially from boards carrying SMD components. A fine copper fabric with high capillary power ensures optimal desoldering results. The additional use of a flux cream may be appropriate under certain circumstances.


ERSA No-Clean Flux and flux Cream have proven their merit especially in all repair processes in SMD technology. Like all ERSA consumables, they meet the applicable standards and quality requirements. They can be easily and precisely applied by means of the Flux- Pen or cartridge, supplied with plunger and needle. Excess residue is removed, if necessary, by means of the Flux Remover with the aid of absorbent, non-pulping paper towels or specially offered ESD-safe products.


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