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Award Winning & Patented BGA Inspection Systems

Now for nearly a decade, over 3,000 users worldwide are benefiting from the ability to inspect hidden solder joints with the patented ERSASCOPE technology. Industry experts including IPC recognize the critical importance of using ERSASCOPE technology for inspection purposes. Whether for inspection under Flip Chips or for inspection where other microscopes cannot see, ERSASCOPE technology offers a significant added value to any Quality Assurance program.


ERSASCOPE is the Industry Standard for optically inspecting BGAs & other hidden solder joints!


Convince yourself of the significant advantages of the ERSASCOPE Inspection technology!


Take a few minutes to view the ERSASCOPE demo video. (3.5 minutes)


Mobile optical inspection system for electronics production


The ERSASCOPE 2 is the only inspection system in the world offering exchangeable optical heads for Flip Chip, CSP, BGA and 0201 optical inspection.  


The ERSASCOPE 1 is a re-designed system offering the award winning, original ERSASCOPE inspection capability at the lowest price possible.


The ERSASCOPE XL allows for the use of either ERSASCOPE 1 or ERSASCOPE 2 optics for big board (600 x 700 mm, 24" x 28") applications.

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