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Ersa i-CON 2 Digital Solder Station and 2 each 150 W, i-TOOL solder irons

Soldering station i-CON 2


Innovative solution for intelligent hand soldering

With the i-CON, Ersa has developed a soldering station that is able to compile with the increased working temperatures and the decreasing size of the process window of lead free soldering processes. The extremely small, light, ergonomic and powerful soldering iron i-TOOL contributes significantly to improved quality and to a tremendous decrease of operating costs.


The station consists of an electronic station (0IC103A) with power cord (3K120KR053075), two soldering irons i-TOOL (0100CDJ) with an ERSADUR longlife soldering tip (0102CDLF16) and two holders (0A50).


i-CON Flyer

Power rating (Watt)80
Supply (Volt)230
Secondary voltage (Volt)24
Temperature range (in °C)150 - 450
Preheating time (in seconds)9
Design Soldering Tipslong-life tip
Antistatic design (yes / no)yes
Digital display (yes / no)yes
Weight (g)3,690
Replacement heating element (order-no.):010102J