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Process Support



Ersa ServicePacks:



Ramp-Up-Support shortens the process start-up phase for a newly installed Ersa production machine. Ersa's team of process experts accompanies the customer in finding the optimal process parameters for their specific assemblies.

Process Support


Process support is designed to provide specific expert guidance for difficult applications on a particular product or group of products.

Machine and Process Audit


The Ersa Machine and Process Audit incorporates an in-depth analysis of the production soldering process step with regards to maximizing soldering quality. Potential sources of error that impact on the soldering process are localized and preventive measures are taken to guarantee success.



Ersa's in-depth Training program includes both standardized and individual instruction packages for all Ersa production wave, reflow & selective soldering as well as paste printing machines. Process techniques & process optimization are the main goals of these training programs which are targeted for the following users: machine operators, process & production engineers, service & maintenance team members, as well as Quality Assurance workers.