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Whether for inspection under Flip Chips or for inspection of hidden solder joints where standard microscopes cannot see,


ERSASCOPE technology offers a significant added value to any Quality Assurance program!


Convince yourself of the significant advantages of the ERSASCOPE Inspection technology!


Take a few minutes to view the ERSASCOPE demo video. (3.5 minutes)

BGA: Partial reflow

BGA: Cold solder joint

BGA: Micro crack

PLCC: Micro crack

BGA: Partial reflow

PGA: Partial reflow

PQFP: Partial reflow

PLCC: Interior filoets

BGA: Whisker

BGA: Flux residue

CCGA: Mikroriß

Flip Chip

BGA: Disturbed solder joint

BGA: Micro crack

BGA: Micro crack

BGA: Micro crack

CSP: Interior solder balls

PTH: Micro crack

BGA: Flux residue

Flip Cip

CSP: Cold solder joint

Drücksensor: Micro cracks

BGA: Solder Splash


CCGA:Cold solder joint

Wire Bond

BGA: De-gassing

BGA "Scaling"



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