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Superior Light Management guarantees optimal image quality



ERSASCOPE 2 - Superior Light Management


From a standpoint of light management, the ERSASCOPE 2 inspection system was specifically designed so that all relevant lighting components such as optical carrier, camera, stand, goose neck and light source, work perfectly together to offer the user superior light management, maximum flexibility and optimal image quality.


The ERSASCOPE 2 inspection system comes standard with the newly designed MHLS Metal Halide Light Source. The metal halide light bulb offers a much cleaner, crisper and brighter white light compared to other systems. A mechanical iris on the MHLS station regulates the light quantity without changing the temperature or colour of the light during dimming. Furthermore, all fiber optic light cables have a mechanical iris. Two mechanical irises on the optic carrier allow for individual & separate continuously variable dimming adjustment from 0 to 100% of the front & back lights. Also standard is a newly designed fibre optic light brush. This new light brush is made up of individual fibres (0.050mm diameter) which can be inserted under most area array packages for optimal lighting during inspection.


Finally, the new metal halide light bulbs are lower in cost, but have an average expected lifetime of over 2000 hours. This represents a 400% lifetime improvement over the previous light source!


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