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HR 100


Graphical depiction of the temperature gradients for various heating technologies



Patented Hybrid Rework Technology


The patented ERSA Hybrid Rework System HR 100 combines infrared and convection heating in a hand-held device for safely soldering and de-soldering densely packed SMDs. IR radiation heat transfer is combined and enhanced via a precise amount of hot air. This unique hybrid tool can uniformly, safely and rapidly heat components ranging from 0201s up to SMD sizes of 20 x 20 mm and more. Three exchangeable hybrid adapters (available standard) focus up to 200 W of heating power from the hybrid heating element in a targeted manner whilst neighboring components remain protected from overheating and blowing away.


Homogenous heat radiation in the medium wavelength IR range, paired with gentle but concentrated convection, provides a unique mix for efficient rework soldering. For the small surfaces of modern CSP, QFN or MLF components, this combination of heating technologies provides ideal conditions for efficient heat transfer. The convective portion is so reduced as to avoid an over heating and "blowing away" of adjacent chips. When compared to ERSA's larger IR systems, the surface area size of the radiation is quite small. Due to the shortened working distance to the component and the convective portion, however, the efficiency of the hybrid heat transfer is now comparable or even superior to the semi-automated IR machines. Efficient and safe rework with the temperature gradients recommended by the IPC - up to 4°C/s is now possible with this bench top unit.