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“On the Fly” Maintenance System - machine continues to run during cleaning


Best in Class Machine Availability


The Maintenance On the Fly concept in the new HOTFLOW series reflow ovens was designed to reduce non-productive machine downtime to an absolute minimum. More and more, the ROI (Return of Invest) and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) analysis are playing an important role in the decision making process for the purchase of manufacturing equipment. While the ROI and TCO aspects must be considered, they do not cover one potentially significant factor - Lost Profitability. Downtime for maintenance, servicing and cleaning of a reflow machine results in a production stop. ERSA's proven multistage flux management system has been completely re-designed to offer new DUAL system capability. The two independent systems can run either separately or side by side depending on the application and can now offer increased machine availability. "On the Fly" means that the machine continues to run & remains productive. It is no longer required to stop production in order to clean and maintain the flux management system. The HOTFLOW Maintenance "On the Fly" saves this downtime which translates into NO LOST PROFITS!


Only via a TCO Total Cost of Ownership analysis is it possible to determine the economic efficiency of a machine with respect to profitability.