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Highest quality, hardened transport profile maintains linear stability over entire length of oven & under all loads


Highest Quality Transport Conveyor Guarantees Long Term Process Stability


Long term process stability puts high demands on a reflow machine's conveyor and center support systems. Although a transport conveyor system is required to move the PCB through the process tunnel, in theory the conveyor should be "thermally invisible" so that it does not adversely affect the PCB heating process. The low mass transport profile assembly in the HOTFLOW is of a highly stable construction. The special materials were chosen for their precise CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion) properties and long life and thus guarantee a highly stable working condition. A "falling down" of a PCB from the transport system is not possible in these machines.


The HOTFLOW conveyor chain is of the highest quality and is 100 % vibration free. A small radius at the chain in-feed section ensures safe handling of even short PCB‘s. The automatic chain lubrication feature is programmable & guarantees smooth running and longest possible life. Lower condensation, lower energy costs, higher stability and longer life of the conveyor are the measurable customer benefits of this added value technology.