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Multiple Track ovens for multiple SMT placer lines: dual and multiple transport machines available


Best in Class Productivity with Highest Throughput - Best in Class Machine Output/m² of Floor Space


ERSA's primary reflow target group are those company's having the most challenging reflow demands both from a thermal mass and throughput standpoint. ERSA engineers realized that multiple track capability represents the future for high volume reflow. Multitrack reflow also opens the door to new SMT line planning as multiple SMT placer lines can be funnelled into one reflow oven. It must be said here, however, that only a highly efficient and utterly stabile heating technology is a necessity when considering dual or multiple track transport conveyor. A lower quality, single track reflow oven that cannot run a stable 3 shift operation at "board on board", fully loaded capacity will most probably not be able to handle the increased thermal load of additional tracks in the reflow machine. The additional thermal load of the tracks will push an inefficient system "over the edge" of its thermal recovery capacity.


The ERSA heating technology has been successfully running high volume, dual track reflow applications for now several years. Our proven performance allows us to put even more multiple tracks into the process tunnel WITHOUT decreasing the efficiency and stability of the heat transfer - even at "board on board" fully loaded capacity. A true pioneer in dual track reflow, ERSA is now proud to announce the new HOTFLOW's expanded multiple track capabilities which can increase productivity as much as 400 %. Different products can be run at different board widths and at different speeds offering not only the highest reflow output/m² of floor space but also offering the greatest flexibility.



Only via a TCO Total Cost of Ownership analysis is it possible to determine the economic efficiency of a machine with respect to profitability.