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ERSA Process Control EPC Heat transfer control system of air temperature & velocity


Revolutionary ERSA Process Control - EPC


For the first time in the history of reflow technology, the ERSA HOTFLOW series uses the revolutionary ERSA Process Control (EPC) heat transfer process control system to monitor not only the temperature of the air but also the air velocity. In this manner, the system regularly monitors the actual reflow process by monitoring the rate of heat transfer. The bottom line result is the most stabile reflow technology which optimizes heat transfer in the process tunnel independent of the load, thermal mass and running time of the machine. EPC (patent pending) opens the door to a completely new level of improved reflow process control.


The heating process in a reflow oven is designed to transfer heat to the PCB in order to bring ALL components and materials into a prescribed temperature process window. The actual temperature of the PCB during the process is the result of the heat transfer rate to the PCB. Two factors affect heat transfer in a reflow oven: the temperature of the air  and the velocity of the air. Closed loop temperature control in a reflow oven is a state of the art requirement, but one that only shows part of the picture - ERSA EPC shows the whole picture!