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TCO Total-Cost-of-Ownership Analysis


Market demands are forcing the OEM and EMS global players to look beyond the soldering process alone in order to optimize the manufacturing process from a total economic efficiency standpoint. Maintaining the competitive edge will go to those strategic manufacturers who maximize production output per m² of floor space, who minimize the defect rate and minimize the total cost of production per PCB: better said, who maximize the total profit per PCB.


It was precisely for this reason that ERSA invested in a new reflow machine concept which places the reflow process safety, throughput and running costs at the forefront of the R & D. The days of investing in just any reflow oven that

has the number of heating zones required are over. Today, the economical aspects and true performance of the oven must play a major role in the decision making process.


Only via a Total Cost of Ownership analysis is it possible to determine the economic efficiency of a machine with respect to profitability.


We will gladly assist you in conducting a TCO Analysis for your facility for which we only require a few bits of information from you.


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