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Dual Flux Management System can be run combined or separate for “On the Fly” maintenance


Best in Class Flux Management with Maintenance „On the Fly"


Keeping the reflow oven clean from flux residues, remains to be a major concern during a reflow process. Unwanted particles "raining" down on the PCB in a "dirty" machine leads to undesired quality problems and add-on costs for inspection and cleaning. ERSA's proven multistage flux management system has been completely re-designed to offer new DUAL system capability.

The two independent systems can run either separately or side by side depending on the appli-

cation and can now offer increased machine availability.


Maintenance "On the Fly" means that the machine continues to run & remains productive. It is no longer required to stop production in order to clean and maintain the flux management system.

The HOTFLOW Maintenance "On the Fly" saves this downtime which translates into NO LOST PROFITS due to machine downtime!