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The Most Intelligent Solder Station in the World

Highest quality hand soldering via innovative technology


Guaranteeing quality in a lead-free environment puts the greatest demands on hand soldering applications. Today's  hand soldering operators expect a great deal from a state-of-the-art hand solder tool: a small and lightweight, ergonomically designed hand tool that does not get too hot during use, maximum power and efficiency for rapid heat-up and recovery during soldering, fast and easy tip change, as well as easy-to-use station operation and programming. Today's QA and purchasing managers, however, have much different concerns. In order to guarantee quality, soldering stations must be designed for superior performance. The higher working temperatures and smaller process windows for lead-free hand soldering demand precise temperature control of the soldering tip and rapid heat recovery of the heating element in order to prevent cold solder joints. Low-cost, long-life soldering tips are a must from a running cost efficiency standpoint and are the major concern for the purchasing department. To meet this challenge, Ersa is proud to introduce its newest technology for a state-of-the-art soldering station that has been specifically designed to meet the challenges the industry has been facing since lead-free implementation - the Ersa i-CON series of digital solder stations.


Ersa i-CON VARIO 2 & i-CON VARIO 4

Multichannel soldering and desoldering station meets the highest standards in professional soldering and desoldering equipment

i-CON PICO Soldering Station

Small, cost-effective and powerfull - Ersa i-CON PICO soldering station with i-TOOL PICO soldering iron offers a footprint of a mere 145 mm x 80 mm

i-CON NANO Soldering Station

Small, strong & intelligent: the Ersa i-CON NANO packs a punch!

i-CON Digital Solder Station

i-CON 1 Digital Solder Station and 150 W, i-TOOL solder iron

Ersa i-CON C
Ersa i-CON 1 C & i-CON 2 C have a communication serial port for controlling both the Ersa IR heating plate & the Ersa fume extraction units.
i-CON 2 with 2 solder irons

i-CON 2 Digital Solder Station and 2 each 150 W, i-TOOL solder irons

i-CON 2 with SMD tweezer

i-CON 2 Digital Solder Station with 150 W, i-TOOL solder iron and CHIP TOOL for SMD de-soldering

i-CON2 with solder & de-solder irons

i-CON 2 Digital Solder Station with 150 W, i-TOOL solder iron and X-TOOL for TH de-soldering

IRHP 100 A - IR Heating Plate
The safe yet powerful infrared heating plate increases process safety for hand soldering and repair.
IRHP 200 - IR Heating Plate
IRHP 200 - Electronically temperature-controlled infrared rework heating plate with integrated thermocouple, incl. control station 0RA4500D
HR 100: non-contact repair

Ersa's revolutionary & patented Hybrid Rework Technology allows for safe & simple repair of small components.

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