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IR / PL 650


IR / PL 650, Rework system


The IR/PL 650 has 4600 W of rework heating power for large & complex PCBs 

The IR/PL 650 is Ersa's flagship rework machine affords the highest degree of automation in the Ersa rework line and was specifically designed for large (460 x 560 mm /18" x 22") and complex PCBs. The DynamicIR Heating Technology has 9 programmable top & bottom heating zones boasting a total of 4,600 W of power. Precise, easy to use motorized Auto Pick & Place affords the highest quality placement. The IR/PL 650 requires the least operator dependence and thus guarantees a stable and repeatable rework process for all applications.

The IR Rework system is broken down into four distinct operational modules:


                I. IR 650 Selective Reflow module

                II. RPC 650 Reflow Process Camera module

                III. PL 650 Precision Placement module

                IV. IRSoft Software module 


Convince yourself of the significant advantages of the Ersa IR/PL 650 rework system!


Take a few minutes to view the IR 650 demo video. (5 minutes)

Ordering information:


0IR650A IR Rework System IR 650 with RPC 650 Module

(incl. IRSoft, 2 pcs. AccuTC, 1 pc. Flexpoint TC holder, integrated cooling fans & soldering station)


0PL650A Motorized Precision Placement System PL 650

(PL 650 module attachable to IR 650 and controlled via IRSoft)