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Ersa MOBILE SCOPE – camera units with lenses and desk-top holder


Ersa MOBILE SCOPE – solder joint inspection in the twinkling of an eye

The Ersa MOBILE SCOPE is a compact and handy, portable video microscope to inspect solder joints in electronic production environments. The device has been designed for optical inspection and digital image recording including measurements of solder joints on Ball Grid Array (BGA), µBGA, CSP and Flip-Chip packages. The Ersa MOBILE SCOPE is suitable to inspect PCB lands, solder paste prints or in general for the optical inspection of components on printed circuit boards in Surface Mount Technology (SMT) or in Trough Hole Technology (THT). The device can be used in quality control, production, laboratories or R&D departments.

Soldering errors can be detected quickly and easily with the Ersa MOBILE SCOPE. The included and established ImageDoc inspection software not only displays the live images but also offers the operator various possibilities for documentation and analyzation of the inspection results.

Extensive accessories allow the operator to compose his individual Ersa MOBILE SCOPE inspection system according to his needs.

The practical aluminium case for he Ersa MOBILE SCOPE offers safe storage of the inspection items and transportation of the system to any location wherever it is needed.